5 curious sports bets that made a lot of money


At first glance, it is hard to believe that without any trick or method it is easy to win a lot of money in sports betting. However, the facts show that a small amount of money invested can, little by little, multiply exponentially until reaching an absolutely absurd figure.

The world of betting is full of combinations that, due to factors such as the benefit obtained or simply because of its complexity, will last a long period of time in the annals of the history of this sector.

Bet 50 cents and win 9,773.10 euros

The recent case of Agustín Doblado, partner and follower of Real Betis , is one of the last and most mediatic examples. The player made a sports bet in which he bet 50 cents and combined a total of 14 games. His only prediction was the final result of the match (victory, draw and defeat).

In the absence of a single shock and with the rest of successful installments, the house with which he made his sports bet offered him the option of closing the play by charging more than 4,000 euros, but Agustín denied it. He trusted in the possibilities of his team, which finally won the Leganés, and ended up winning a whopping 9,773.10 euros.

Leicester, a historic feat

The season 2015/2016 will remain in memory as the course in which the humble Leicester was proclaimed, against any forecast, flaming winner of the Premier League.

A historic milestone that, in addition to knocking down the most powerful teams in the competition, will be remembered for the bet of an intrepid fan who at the beginning of the season bet 50 pounds (64 euros) to the Ranieri team took the title .

The betting houses considered this fact unlikely, whose quota reached 5,000 pounds. That is, if the Leicester won the league the user would gain 250,000 pounds (282,000 euros) .

Already in the final stretch of the season, with the surprising leader at the head of the classification, the bookmaker withdrew the fee before the end of the Premier and gave the winner a final prize of 72,000 pounds (81,000 euros).

A goal worth 28,000 euros

The shot from long distance was one of the many virtues possessed by the retired Xabi Alonso, ex-football player of Real Sociedad, Liverpool or Real Madrid, among others.

Aware of this, a fan of the English team decided to bet 200 pounds with a share of 125 to 1 that the tolosarra would score a goal from their own field in any game of the season.

An achievement that the Spanish midfielder managed to materialize in an FA Cup match against Luton , with the match at minute 93.

Bet 11 euros and 16,236 earnings

Ferran Aros is an automotive mechanic who two years ago had the ability to transform a sports bet of 11 euros to 16,236.

Through the sports betting house of Sportium, its forecast was based on betting on the winning teams of the first and second part of different football matches.

The information pages and some sports newspapers, in addition to “a little knowledge”, were the main keys that led him to get this important sum of money.

Two brothers and ten euros in play

In 2015, the draw of Deportivo at Camp Nou, after losing 2-0, meant one of the great surprises of the day in First.

But, apart from the result, the Coruñés draw in culé territory allowed Miguel and Roberto Vázquez, two Galician brothers, to win a total of 1,913.43, after having bet only 10 euros.

In his combined one they appeared eight parties of First and Second Division.