A lot of soccer, a lot of money

Barça enriches its team but is forced to an economic effort of great complexity

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Two news stories shaded this past Monday the luminous incorporation of Coutinho , magnificent for FC Barcelona from a sporting and also commercial point of view. First was the announcement of an injury that will keep the Brazilian 20 days off (as long as he can play the Copa semifinals, if his team arrives, and from there only the League) and, second, more shocking, the omission by the directive of the price of the signing appealing to a clause of confidentiality imposed by Liverpool . It sounds strange that a club of American owners, masters of clubs like the Red Sox of Boston, always governed by economic transparency, promote the opposite in Europe. Also, to think that no club member, of those who feel their owners because they are, comes to the offices to ask themselves that question is not knowing their way of being or not having memory.

Coutinho comes to Barca claimed by the technicians and that of course is his main endorsement. This is still football, despite everything. The technical secretary Robert Fernandez is his main supporter, his superior Pep Segura gave him all the coverage and Ernesto Valverde got the idea from the beginning. The signing was attempted in summer but Liverpool refused to sell. It remains to be resolved if the British then asked for 200 million or was the representative of Coutinho who told Barca that only reaching that number would capitulate.

From here to summer, the board urges the company to make an income with the sale of several players

The price has ended being astronomical (120 million fixed plus 40 variables, unofficially) but there the board has little margin if you want to continue playing rich in this new era inaugurated by the PSG after releasing 222 million by Neymar . The azulgrana club always signed the best. It is false that this is new. From Maradona to Koeman , through Ronaldinho , Ibrahimovic or Neymar, money was almost always before the field to the bank in the form of a record and subsequent moral debate.

The question is whether this time the treasury is for such joys with so much economic challenge to endure in the short term: wage bill and Espai Barça as star challenges. Between now and the summer, the junta is urged to make an income from the sale of footballers, some of them, of course, if they want to continue with the idea of ​​acquiring Griezmann for 100 million.

The French forward of the Atlético de Madrid, Antoine Griezmann The French forward of the Atlético de Madrid, Antoine Griezmann (Alejandro García / EFE)

Barça is a traditional club, comparable to the textile industrialist of all life who tries to modernize at the new technological age. It remains to be seen if now that it competes with new rich people who have a bottomless (oil) well, they can keep up the pace for too long. They will do well the managers in releasing ballast ( Arda , Aleix Vidal and company) and replace those pieces by people of the subsidiary ( Arnaiz , Aleñá , Busquets and Cía) if they want to approach the model and, above all, leave their successors in a few years a inheritance of positive and non-red numbers.

Josep Maria Bartomeu, creator of the Coutinho operation together with the CEO Òscar Grau , has negotiated long and hard with the owners of Liverpool, especially with Mike Gordon , making a clamp using Coutinho’s perseverant pressure. He has got away with it. But he has sent the old austerity for a walk.

It lacked Valverde’s team’s fantasy, solid as a rock, and that’s it. That’s why the wardrobe welcomes you. The good ones are always received like that. Messi, without going any further, is happier today than yesterday.