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What is the INPS (exINPDAP) convention?

The INPS (exINPDAP) convention is an agreement between INPDAP and banks or finance companies that allows the pensioner to access loans at reduced rates.

Who is the INPDAP loan in Caltanissetta?

It is a form of funding that was re-born to former public and state employees who, upon their retirement, can benefit from this service. The INPDAP loan in Caltanissetta also offers additional benefits to those residing in the same city. This type of loan guarantees convenient rates and a lean and fast process. Let’s remember the feasibility throughout Italy!

What are the advantages of the INPDAP loan in Caltanissetta?

The INPDAP loan in Caltanissetta offers the following advantages:

  • No guarantor required , your pension is the only guarantee necessary
  • We will evaluate your request even in the presence of other financing or financial problems
  • Customized amounts: you can request from small amounts up to over € 60,000
  • The amount of the monthly payment can never exceed 20% of the pension
  • Possibility of repaying up to 120 months in convenient installments
  • Fixed and constant installments for the duration of the loan
  • “Life risk” insurance included in the installment, to be paid by the Bank.

How long does it take to get an INPDAP loan in Caltanissetta?

Thanks to the INPDAP convention, the loan is delivered in a very short time, eliminating unnecessary bureaucracy and guaranteeing a fast and simple procedure. We guarantee maximum transparency to the customer by periodically updating the progress of the practice.

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A lot of soccer, a lot of money

Barça enriches its team but is forced to an economic effort of great complexity

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Two news stories shaded this past Monday the luminous incorporation of Coutinho , magnificent for FC Barcelona from a sporting and also commercial point of view. First was the announcement of an injury that will keep the Brazilian 20 days off (as long as he can play the Copa semifinals, if his team arrives, and from there only the League) and, second, more shocking, the omission by the directive of the price of the signing appealing to a clause of confidentiality imposed by Liverpool . It sounds strange that a club of American owners, masters of clubs like the Red Sox of Boston, always governed by economic transparency, promote the opposite in Europe. Also, to think that no club member, of those who feel their owners because they are, comes to the offices to ask themselves that question is not knowing their way of being or not having memory.

Coutinho comes to Barca claimed by the technicians and that of course is his main endorsement. This is still football, despite everything. The technical secretary Robert Fernandez is his main supporter, his superior Pep Segura gave him all the coverage and Ernesto Valverde got the idea from the beginning. The signing was attempted in summer but Liverpool refused to sell. It remains to be resolved if the British then asked for 200 million or was the representative of Coutinho who told Barca that only reaching that number would capitulate.

From here to summer, the board urges the company to make an income with the sale of several players

The price has ended being astronomical (120 million fixed plus 40 variables, unofficially) but there the board has little margin if you want to continue playing rich in this new era inaugurated by the PSG after releasing 222 million by Neymar . The azulgrana club always signed the best. It is false that this is new. From Maradona to Koeman , through Ronaldinho , Ibrahimovic or Neymar, money was almost always before the field to the bank in the form of a record and subsequent moral debate.

The question is whether this time the treasury is for such joys with so much economic challenge to endure in the short term: wage bill and Espai Barça as star challenges. Between now and the summer, the junta is urged to make an income from the sale of footballers, some of them, of course, if they want to continue with the idea of ​​acquiring Griezmann for 100 million.

The French forward of the Atlético de Madrid, Antoine Griezmann The French forward of the Atlético de Madrid, Antoine Griezmann (Alejandro García / EFE)

Barça is a traditional club, comparable to the textile industrialist of all life who tries to modernize at the new technological age. It remains to be seen if now that it competes with new rich people who have a bottomless (oil) well, they can keep up the pace for too long. They will do well the managers in releasing ballast ( Arda , Aleix Vidal and company) and replace those pieces by people of the subsidiary ( Arnaiz , Aleñá , Busquets and Cía) if they want to approach the model and, above all, leave their successors in a few years a inheritance of positive and non-red numbers.

Josep Maria Bartomeu, creator of the Coutinho operation together with the CEO Òscar Grau , has negotiated long and hard with the owners of Liverpool, especially with Mike Gordon , making a clamp using Coutinho’s perseverant pressure. He has got away with it. But he has sent the old austerity for a walk.

It lacked Valverde’s team’s fantasy, solid as a rock, and that’s it. That’s why the wardrobe welcomes you. The good ones are always received like that. Messi, without going any further, is happier today than yesterday.

Everything that shines in Spanish football is not gold

Everything that shines in Spanish football is not gold

The players of the Spanish national team and the coaching staff celebrate the title of European indoor soccer champions.

The Spanish futsal team dresses gold like no other and on Saturday reaffirmed its status as the best team of the old continent in the Croatian European . One more example of that in this sport, practiced in Spain by 9’6% of people between 7 and 64 years old and with almost 110,000 federated according to data from the 2010 CSD, there is no rival. Of course, in the face of the fullness of the ‘miniroja’, the health of his League offers troubling ailments.

The economic crisis and the negative impact on small and medium enterprises, main sponsors in the sponsorship of this sport in recent years (real estate and car companies, to a greater extent), have altered the viability of the business and signed deaths of clubs of long trajectory that have been forced to disappear or merge to survive.

Martorel, Pinto, Guadalajara, Móstoles or Boadilla, among others, are examples of populations that have lived in their meats a parquet football that ended in bankruptcy. And Benicarló (Castellón), a Liga semifinalist last season and third-placed last in the present, has been the last victim. “There is no money, the partners approved that we will throw in the towel,” the president of the club, José Antonio Gellida , told . Point and end.

“The clubs have always lived on public subsidies and the crisis has forced an end, because indoor football is not a priority right now,” says Fernando Jovaní , the club’s physical trainer, Benicarló’s native and one of the last to leave. the ship after five years in it.

We had been traveling in vans for four weeks “We had been traveling in vans for four weeks, washing our coveralls at home, helping each other and waiting for the situation to change.” There have been players who have had their water cut off or others those who have had to lend money for gasoline, “says Jovaní.

It does not seem easy to reach this point in a team that mobilized between 12,000 and 15,000 fans a week in a population of 26,000 inhabitants. Outcome? Poor management accumulated in years of waste; an income of 210,000 euros from an annual sponsorship agreement with the Castellón airport that is not paid; the seizure of accounts that make it impossible for the City Council to grant subsidies; from 670 members, it is passed to 400 because of the crisis, and because of it, the mass of companies that sponsored the team fled.

One season costs 700,000 euros

“A mediocre team in the Honor Division one season costs around 700,000 euros,” says Gellida, president of Benicarló who admits having taken out of his pocket the expenses of the current course with Vice President José Bernat . “We can not say how much money we have put, so as not to affect our families,” he continues.

The criticism of the president is directed, on the one hand, to the National Futsal League- “they do not help us anything and they have a serious problem facing the future” , since he considers that small teams can not assume these budgets. On the other, the “lack of discipline” in the club when the defaults occurred at the start of the season- “everyone here spoke, in other teams no one would have said anything, and that affects the image.” And finally, to the media: “Without the television behind the teams, this level can not be supported” .

Without the television behind the teams, this level can not be supported. The situation does not seem to be isolated. A few teams -Barcelona, ​​Inter Movistar, ElPozo, Caja Segovia or Lobelle, among others in the First Division, and a second- remain healthy. Strong teams, with supports or simply well managed. It is not usual. “In terms of management, the League is a disaster and it is a shame that clubs are allowed to compete despite having debts with players,” describes ‘Gus’, goalkeeper and the last captain of Benicarló FS after the stampede of players in the last period of signings.

” Zamora, Pinto and now Benicarló, they go three times in which they leave me money and this happens in almost all the teams, this time they will be more than 10,000 euros that I will not charge,” he insists.

When asked about Croatia’s gold and the direct impact on the domestic championship, sincerity flows: “I’m glad I know several players, but it’s useless, we give the impression of being the best at this, but the model does not work The money that is earned, for example, could go to the teams, “he says.

Future professional or amateur?

One of the outputs of the quagmire in which this sport is and the players themselves, according to those involved, could be the return to an amateur or semi-professional model. “As the Mirandés does, who trains once a day and leaves freedom and flexibility to their players to be able to have a job in the morning,” says Fernando Jovaní , who considers other solutions as “managers endorse their assets 30% of the project “or that the price of the annual inscription is lowered (100,000 euros are needed just to compete)”.

On the other hand, the National Futsal League is clear that professionalization is the only way to build strong and solvent teams. “Since the arrival of Javier Lozano to the presidency, much emphasis has been placed on the professionalization of structures within a club at all levels – investment, infrastructure, quarry … – and those that best fit will survive. Azkar Lugo is a great example, like Granada (Oxipharma FS), “they say from the League.

Unemployment and patience

“Now the stoppage, to continue training and wait for someone to appear , ” predicts ‘Gus’, who on Wednesday received the ‘letter of freedom’ from the club along with the eight remaining players of the first team and three of the subsidiary.

Unemployment or a hole in First A until next season

The future of them in the short term is gray, since until the end of the season could only fill a gap in First A, after the transfer market closed on January 31 in First and Second Division. Something that would only change if the League granted a time amnesty in the deadline. “It seems unlikely, because it would set a precedent with other teams and it would not be fair,” says Jovaní.

The hours pass, the debts and doubts grow. Roll the ball and always end up paying the same, the ‘humble’ that run.

The unbridled hidden face of American football

The unbridled hidden face of American football

George Best, a Manchester United player in the sixties, said that he had spent most of his fortune on women, alcohol and sports cars , and that the rest had been wasted. If he were alive, it is likely that Best had drunk a drink to the health of Ballers and Dwayne Johnson .

‘Ballers’ was an expression that was traditionally used for the great stars of basketball, as we use gamers today for the players who play it. But now it also defines those who stick to the big life, who live excessively, surrounded by luxury and eccentricities , young people who have emerged from nowhere and who, thanks to sports, have become famous, millionaires, envied and admired. . And that they melt what they earn. Or, rather, their environments help them to merge it.

Ballers portrays what happens when the spotlights of the stadium go out and what is the daily life, often not very exemplary, of some elite athletes

The stars of the American football league (NFL) have everything to enjoy fame and fortune , but some squander their health and with it their ability to compete at the highest level. At thirty they are retired and if they have not managed to manage their assets with a head they are broken (injuries in this competition do not forgive), bankrupt and without a plan for the future.

And it is not an exaggeration of fiction, but a very real situation. A recent study by the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) indicates that 1 out of 6 NFL players end up declaring bankruptcy . How do you go from millionaire contracts to declare bankruptcy? Well, spending as if the money would never end, basically for four reasons:

1. The attraction of having something tangible : athletes prefer to invest in ” touchable ” businesses, such as restaurants or bars, and then crash, instead of investing in a portfolio of low-risk investments. Deuce McAllister, for example, was a New Orleans Saints player who invested some of his $ 70 million fortune in a car rental business. The business left him with debts of seven million and almost seized the house. Now he earns his living as a lecturer.

2. Bad advice : from incompetence to fraud, many players surround themselves with people who advise them badly where and how to spend their money.

3. The family : multimillion-dollar divorces, child support, support for family investments … Chris McAlister, former Baltimore Ravens cornerback , won 50 million in his career, but when he had to go to court because he could not pay alimony to his children. children, he confessed that he was living in his parents’ house because he did not even have a rent to pay.

4. Live big : the retinue, surround yourself with people who spend your money on making you have a good time and not realizing that you are bleeding. Ex-player Terrell Owens ended up doing reality shows with his friends, and now he does not talk to them about economic disputes and earns his living as a model.

This hidden face of the NFL and its stars is what Ballers portrays. That public image of neighborhood boys, with magazine wives, bulging current accounts, cochazos and luxurious mansions, collides with the reality of doors inside . No matter how many stars go, these muscle mountains are still young people who have reached the summit too fast, many of them full of complexes and insecurities, with no tax notions and a retinue of interested chupoptera willing to live at their expense .

It is in this private sphere where the character played by Dwayne Johnson, absolute protagonist and executive producer of Ballers , moves like a fish in water. The Rock fills the screen, and not only for its imposing physique, but for its credible interpretation of Spencer Strasmore , former NFL player turned financial manager of other players, advisor and almost adoptive father.

A role that seems made to measure, as the always impolite suits that looks in the series. And is that Johnson was part of the team Miami Hurricanes of the NCAA for the national championship in 1991, until a back injury stopped his incipient career. This, together with its imposing rocky physique of almost two meters, makes his character transpire authenticity without opening his mouth.

The young promises of the NFL are often neighborhood boys with no tax notions and a retinue of interested suckers willing to live like kings at their expense

After the catharsis of the season finale last season, in this third installment Spencer Strasmore (Dwayne Johnson) returns to work with renewed energy and new and ambitious challenges. Miami, until now its feud of action, begins to remain small and will seek to expand its influence beyond this city where the rich and famous lead a superlative lifestyle. And to achieve it, he will be willing to do everything.

Meanwhile, the rest of the usual suspects accompanying Johnson in this comedy with a bitter and kitsch aftertaste will have to face new (and not always desired) challenges.

Ballers does not want to shake consciences or make the spectator uncomfortable. Only to be placed in the same line of the successful Entourage (the entourage), with which it shares producers and spirit – Stephen Levinson and Mark Wahlberg -, but replacing the world of the actors with that of the elite athletes.

The series offers a funny, carefree and more realistic look than it seems in the NFL football league and the unbridled life outside the pitch of its stars. To the health of George Best.

Technological innovations that improve the performance of footballers

World Cup 2018: Technological innovations that improve the performance of footballers and the rest of the athletes

Tomorrow, June 14, the Russian World Cup kicks off, there will be 31 days of competition until the final of July 15, in which 32 teams will try to win the title of World Champion that Germany won four years ago in Brazil. The repercussion is enormous. If in the previous world championship it had a world audience of 3,200 million people, for Russia it is expected to reach 3,500 million and that the advertising investment exceeds 2,100 million euros, with the highest growth in China, a country that does not participate in the World Cup appointment, which reflects how this sport is universalized.

But it will also be the most technological World Cup, the one that will be seen more by the mobile or Tablet, the 4K emissions will be consolidated, the arbitration errors will be minimized and will be played in many “smart” stadiums. But the innovations go beyond, also seek to improve the performance of the player in particular and the athlete in general.

Innovations in the field of health that help us all

The ways to seek improvement of performance are varied and cover all kinds of aspects, from the time of training, sports practice and recovery and are concentrated in the following groups:

If the Internet of things is going to suppose a great revolution, it has already begun in the sport through the weareables or devices that constantly interact with us while we practice sports, from sneakers, monitoring wristbands to smartwatches. Through these, the footballer or elite athlete, measures their performance and with this their capacity for improvement.

It is not exclusive to the elite athlete, we can all enjoy our activity thanks to its functions, control your health and everything that is healthy, take advantage of your free time and control your performance.

New fabrics

Sportswear manufacturers are constantly striving to develop their own technologies with which to solve perspiration problems and keep athletes fresh and dry in different types of garments.

These innovations include microfiber polyester garments that expel sweat that is produced in the body to reach the surface of the fabric and evaporate without wet clothes, regulate the temperature inside garments or clothing systems. perspiration and quick drying in footwear. Some advantages that also improve hygiene as it reduces the proliferation of bacteria that occur when there is excessive sweating.

But it also improves the comfort of garments with lighter fabrics and eliminating seams that cause discomfort like chafing.

Sports medicine

Sports medicine has advanced by leaps and bounds in recent years in all its aspects.

First, in the diagnosis of injuries . No longer are ultrasounds the main method to diagnose injuries, other ways of diagnosing are nuclear magnetic resonance and tensiomigraphy, which allow to better define the extent of injuries and their recovery.

The therapies are the second point in which the advances are more than ostensible. Traditional therapies have joined others such as cryogenics or even biological therapies based on stem cells.

Finally, there is the specialization of those who take care of us . Not only are they physiotherapists or rehabilitators, but also the role of other specialists such as podiatrists or psychologists, who ensure that we achieve maximum performance.

The elite athletes, like those who compete in this World Cup in Russia, open the way to technological advances that in the end we can all enjoy.

Sports betting and the stock market

As incredible as it sounds, sports betting and the stock market share a lot in common . To begin with, both believe that the future can be predicted, and also fall into the trap of making decisions with the heart and not with the brain. And if this were not enough, in both it is forbidden to lose.

Regarding the differences, it is clear that sports betting is much more fun, but also much greater risk compared to the stock market. In the long term, investors have a better chance of making money with less risk. And is that sports betting was created for the fun of users and fans.

This means that the stock market is much more magnanimous than Las Vegas casinos, but maybe not by much. But it is also true that many people see the world of finance as a bet, to which many specialists respond that this is not the case.

The argument is based on a fundamental idea: the opportunities to make money in the stock market are much bigger, or at least more stable and constant. According to the investment advisors, in the long term the profits can reach 73%, and they affirm that no casino in the world offers this type of numbers.

But it is also a fact that bettors care little about this type of numbers, so much so that in the United States the sports betting industry moves more than $ 400 billion dollars a year. Fans love to bet on the achievements their favorite athletes can achieve. From football, through basketball, to baseball, the passion is tremendous. For example, for a bettor it may seem safe to put money to the Golden State Warriors in the NBA, they are the fashion team and they seem to be invincible. In short, that seems safer than putting money in the stock market.

Sports bets are made taking into account facts, statistics, and occasionally a hunch, but the winnings are far from being guaranteed. But as much as Golden State is unstoppable with its famous duo “The Splash Brothers”, the world of betting is more complicated than that of the stock market.

In contrast, a consolidated company is unlikely to collapse from one day to the next and lose all the money to shareholders and investors. The world of betting is all or nothing, but the reward is high and can be much more satisfying than any increase in the stock market. From this comes another similarity between sports betting and the stock market, the adrenaline runs fast and you can lose control of your emotions, a very important aspect to take care of so as not to lose sight of what is being done.

At the end of the day we can only say that these two worlds share many similarities, and a few differences as well. And the truth is that in order to win both you need to know how to play, know the rules, and never lose your mind.

5 curious sports bets that made a lot of money


At first glance, it is hard to believe that without any trick or method it is easy to win a lot of money in sports betting. However, the facts show that a small amount of money invested can, little by little, multiply exponentially until reaching an absolutely absurd figure.

The world of betting is full of combinations that, due to factors such as the benefit obtained or simply because of its complexity, will last a long period of time in the annals of the history of this sector.

Bet 50 cents and win 9,773.10 euros

The recent case of Agustín Doblado, partner and follower of Real Betis , is one of the last and most mediatic examples. The player made a sports bet in which he bet 50 cents and combined a total of 14 games. His only prediction was the final result of the match (victory, draw and defeat).

In the absence of a single shock and with the rest of successful installments, the house with which he made his sports bet offered him the option of closing the play by charging more than 4,000 euros, but Agustín denied it. He trusted in the possibilities of his team, which finally won the Leganés, and ended up winning a whopping 9,773.10 euros.

Leicester, a historic feat

The season 2015/2016 will remain in memory as the course in which the humble Leicester was proclaimed, against any forecast, flaming winner of the Premier League.

A historic milestone that, in addition to knocking down the most powerful teams in the competition, will be remembered for the bet of an intrepid fan who at the beginning of the season bet 50 pounds (64 euros) to the Ranieri team took the title .

The betting houses considered this fact unlikely, whose quota reached 5,000 pounds. That is, if the Leicester won the league the user would gain 250,000 pounds (282,000 euros) .

Already in the final stretch of the season, with the surprising leader at the head of the classification, the bookmaker withdrew the fee before the end of the Premier and gave the winner a final prize of 72,000 pounds (81,000 euros).

A goal worth 28,000 euros

The shot from long distance was one of the many virtues possessed by the retired Xabi Alonso, ex-football player of Real Sociedad, Liverpool or Real Madrid, among others.

Aware of this, a fan of the English team decided to bet 200 pounds with a share of 125 to 1 that the tolosarra would score a goal from their own field in any game of the season.

An achievement that the Spanish midfielder managed to materialize in an FA Cup match against Luton , with the match at minute 93.

Bet 11 euros and 16,236 earnings

Ferran Aros is an automotive mechanic who two years ago had the ability to transform a sports bet of 11 euros to 16,236.

Through the sports betting house of Sportium, its forecast was based on betting on the winning teams of the first and second part of different football matches.

The information pages and some sports newspapers, in addition to “a little knowledge”, were the main keys that led him to get this important sum of money.

Two brothers and ten euros in play

In 2015, the draw of Deportivo at Camp Nou, after losing 2-0, meant one of the great surprises of the day in First.

But, apart from the result, the Coruñés draw in culé territory allowed Miguel and Roberto Vázquez, two Galician brothers, to win a total of 1,913.43, after having bet only 10 euros.

In his combined one they appeared eight parties of First and Second Division.