Bank account without fees. Are you sure?

Banks tempt us with offers of accounts for which we do not have to pay or pay a zloty. Many people look for and use such promotions. However, do banks always fulfill their promises and such accounts are actually completely free?

It’s worth taking a closer look at such offers before we decide on such a solution.

Virtually every bank has a free account in its offer. It offers free withdrawals from ATMs throughout the country, as well as no fees for running an account or no fees for using a payment card.

In addition, such accounts also tempt us with the possibility of getting a refund from bills paid via the Internet or a refund for car insurance in a specific insurance company and savings accounts with a favorable interest rate and a practical mobile application for banking from the phone.

All this makes the clients choosing such accounts a lot. It is, however, worth a closer look at such offers.

Conditions for having an account for real PLN zero

Konto bankowe bez opłat. Czy aby na pewno?

It turns out that in practice we can count on the account for real PLN zero. However, many conditions must be met. Banks, yes, offer us no account management fees, but only if we have a certain amount of money per month.

Often the necessary condition for the account to be free is also to make one transaction by phone and card in a month. A simple condition, but it is not always possible to remember it in practice. Not everyone is convinced about the security of payments made by phone. Also, internet transfers are to be free on such account. In practice, however, often the confirmation of such transfers come via a text message, and this already involves costs, if such transfers are very much.

In addition, withdrawals from ATMs are also to be free. It often turns out, however, that only a few withdrawals are free and that a fee is charged for subsequent payments depending on the amount paid. Whoever meets all the conditions set by the bank can, of course, enjoy the account at no charge. So you have to read the rules of using such an account carefully if we want it to be really free.

How do you choose the best account?

Once we got to know the initial rules prevailing in respect of accounts for zero zlotys, it was time to choose the best offer. This can be successfully done by browsing the latest rankings on banking services.

There, in a quick and easy way, we can compare many offers of free accounts and choose the one whose conditions suit us best. It is not always the case that the account from the first place on the list will be the best for us. Everyone has different expectations and possibilities related to the use of such an account.

For example, if someone does not want to pay by phone, they are looking for a free account in which mobile payments are not a prerequisite for such an account to be free. Only an individually tailored free account gives us the most benefits.