Consumer leasing – what is it?


Leasing is an increasingly popular solution on the market. It is connected with much simpler procedures when trying to obtain a lease in relation to bank loans. This makes leasing become popular not only among companies but also among individual customers.

Leasing is generally a financial product that is an alternative to bank loans or loans. Leasing is used when acquiring machinery, cars, and equipment by companies. However, individual leasing is offered to private individuals. It is a product that can be found most often on the automotive market.

The use of individual leasing allows you to obtain a car often on much more favorable financial terms in relation to a bank loan. It is connected with the possibility of deducting costs by the leasing company as part of depreciation charges for the vehicle. Depreciation write-offs can be made by companies that own purchased vehicles. In addition, leasing companies earn similarly to banks on interest rates, which, however, are usually much lower in relation to bank loans.

When leasing is beneficial?

Leasing konsumencki – co to jest?

Leasing is a beneficial solution when you want to spread the purchase of a car for a longer period of time. In addition to leasing, a solution that does not transfer ownership of the vehicle to the user. The car may become the property of the leasing only after the end of the leasing contract. Most often, after the end of the leasing contract, the person who used the lease may purchase the property for a price representing a small fraction of the value of the vehicle.

Deciding to lease is also beneficial due to much smaller formalities that are encountered by leasing companies in relation to banks providing loans. Many people who are not able to get a high loan in banks to buy a car can easily take advantage of individual leasing. It is also related to the fact that leasing companies apply much less restrictive rules for assessing the creditworthiness of customers.

Leasing companies also do not take into account in most cases entries in BIK, which is often the basis for the rejection of loan applications by banks with the bad credit history of the borrower.

Flexible cooperation conditions

Companies appreciate leasing primarily due to the very high flexibility of leasing companies as part of determining the lease terms. Individual clients may also use such flexible terms of cooperation. Additionally, in leasing companies, it is much easier to obtain a lease to obtain a car used in relation to banks.

You can also decide on very different, new vehicles. There are also no problems for leasing to apply to motorcycles as well as other types of vehicles. Leasing companies are also able to provide many formalities related to even registration of a vehicle or buying car insurance, often when obtaining much more favorable insurance conditions.