Earn money by using payment cards


Having payment cards allows you to get a lot of financial benefits. The biggest benefits can come from credit cards. However, the use of debit cards also allows you to access various discounts.

Banks often offer discounts for credit card holders. This is one of the ways to increase interest in using the credit card offered in a given bank. Discounts on specific products or services allow you to reduce prices for shopping in stores. Such discounts can be up to several percents. When choosing credit cards it is always worth checking if additional discounts are offered to her.

Loyalty programs

Zarabiaj na korzystaniu z kart płatniczych


The implementation of loyalty programs is a popular solution not only in banks but also in many companies from other industries. Many credit cards are also linked to loyalty programs. This applies to companies from various industries. If the services of companies from a specific industry are used very often then the loyalty program can be very beneficial.

Loyalty programs allow you to collect points, which can then be exchanged for both rebates and money. It is worth checking which loyalty programs can be used when choosing a credit card at a given bank. Loyalty programs can be combined with companies from various industries, which allows you to tailor the services of such companies to shopping behavior.

money back

One of the most beneficial solutions offered by credit cards is money back. It allows you to get a refund of part of the amount when shopping. Individual credit cards have different terms on which you can use money back. This applies, inter alia, to the maximum monthly amounts that may be refunded.

Such amounts can be set in the form of a sum of money, which can be refunded as much as possible, as well as a percentage of expenses made using a credit card. At the same time, it is worth checking what services moneyback concerns. With many credit cards, money back deals with the reimbursement of expenses at specific points of sale or industries.


Holders of payment cards in the form of personal account cards can use the cashback service. Such a service allows you to withdraw funds when shopping at points of sale that have appropriate terminals. At the same time, cashback allows you to use the bonus program very often, which allows you to get back a part of the money you paid after purchasing the products.

Cashback may refer to the reimbursement of amounts paid for all types of transactions carried out using a payment card, which is determined in the form of a percentage of the total sum of expenses using the card.

Such a service may also be limited only to specific types of purchases, which may concern branches or sales outlets selected by a given bank. If you want to use bonus programs under cashback, it is worth checking the conditions on which the bonus program works.