Good financial habits that are really worth having

A habit is a word that we associate not necessarily positively. Well, what are our first associations with this word? Routine, boredom, habit, internal compulsion. Brrr … Nawyk is definitely not something we want to think about in early 2019!

The beginning of the year is always a time for creative and creative ideas. We are always accompanied by New Year’s energy and a strong resolution – “this year will be the best” or “it will be my year!” How is this prosaic habit … and does it have anyhow?

It turns out that you are doing quite well! A good habit, or an activity that we do in a rather reflexive way, and for a large extent mechanized, can have a perfect impact not only on our well-being but also on our finances.


Give yourself three weeks for a habit!

Scientists who study human behavior have noticed that to develop an unusually complicated habit is enough … just 3 weeks! Why is this thought so enthusiastically received by us? Well, it turns out that not only in 3 weeks we can acquire new, very desirable habits (write about them below), but we can also get rid of old ones! It takes 3 weeks to learn how to drink coffee or tea without sugar or eating sandwiches without a huge amount of salt.


New year’s financial habits? You can count on us!

One of the areas of human life in which habits have a gigantic, positive meaning is finances! Managing finances, yes, requires a certain dose of fantasy, creativity, and courage, but in everyday life, repeating small, good activities can cause that they will bring a gigantic positive effect.

It is not known from today that in finance most of the benefits come from the sum of too large operations.

The beginning of the year is the time for new, good financial habits. Are you ready to educate yourself three? Exactly such, thanks to which during the next New Year’s Eve you will raise a glass for you and for your account? Now we’ll begin!


Depositing savings

The first habit is the simplest and the hardest to come across. It’s about savings! Of course, at this moment everyone can ask: “WHAT’S WHAT ?!”. We already say: “from what you have.” Really!

As it turns out – every day we spend a lot of money on small things because we just have a tendency to spend money! That’s why, when we want to save a bit, make some savings for us by the end of the year – we’re including a restrictive mode: “I do not spend!”. How does it end?

We all know – not necessarily good, because why torture yourself for a whole month knowing that we can afford a candy bar or a new shirt, but deny them in virtual, small savings that will not make us crooks anyway.

Here a psychological intervention comes in handy. Let’s reverse the order. When there is a payout on your account – let’s just put down a certain sum. It does not have to be a lot – just PLN 50, PLN 100. On a yearly basis, it is PLN 600 and PLN 1,200! Admit that a lot!

The money that we will put away, hide, transfer to a secret account will become invisible to us, and therefore impossible to issue. They will be invisible now, but for a year … it will be nice to look at them 🙂


Limitation of consumerism

Easy about sales madness! We like to make presents, buy new nice things and enjoy the eye. What’s weird about that? We work, so the opportunity to buy something that pleases our eye is a payment for weeks to get up early and laugh at the jokes of the bosses.

Well … is this a good payment? Aasa is a company that comes from Scandinavia, and there, one of the most popular financial proverbs is “buying things you do not need, you’re robbing yourself.” Is not it a perfectly simple and at the same time very suggestive idea? Like everything that comes from Scandinavia 🙂

However, here comes the first … let’s say a catch. It sounds: “how do I know what I need and what is not”? And we can do it – it is enough that before putting a given item in the cart or before the attack on the cash register we ask one simple question: “Do I need it ?!”. Let them calm down, especially now, when the sales madness is coming! Remember that marketing specialists have a lot of ways to get money from you and get you to succumb to shopping temptations – if you go to the sale more calmly, asking yourself only one question: “do you need it”?


Choosing a trusted source of financing

The last good habit will be to provide yourself with a financial cushion for possible temporary financial challenges. Let’s stop lending money from friends or family. It just does not work, because it can only spoil valuable relationships. Instead, in the first instinct, let’s reach for help from the institution, which just to save us from financial oppression was created. As you already know – this is the institution Aasa Polska SA exactly the institution whose team of specialists just wishes you a wonderful, rich new year!