How do you choose the best savings account?


A savings account allows us to easily and securely store savings accumulated in the bank. Currently, this type of accounts is offered by the majority of banking institutions. But how do you choose the best for yourself?

We can save money in many ways. One of them is putting them in the money box at home, and putting them on the second one. We can also invest our funds. However, when we care about both their interest rate and the security of our funds, it is worth choosing a savings account. What’s more, we will be able to dispose of the money we accumulate on it.

All these advantages mean that savings accounts are a very good solution for anyone who wants to start putting their money down. We can have any amount on your account – both a few zlotys and tens of thousands of zlotys. Everything depends on us.

A good savings account – what are they?

Jak wybrać najlepsze konto oszczędnościowe?

When we want to decide to set up a savings account, we should remember that, above all, it should be characterized by security, convenience, and good interest rates, so that our savings can bring the largest profits.

Currently, all bank deposits worth up to EUR 100,000 are guaranteed by the Bank Guarantee Fund, so we do not have to worry that we will lose our funds even if the bank is in a bad situation.

The savings account should also be serviced via the internet – then we can easily make transfers and monitor the number of funds collected on it.

Of course, the question of interest remains. Currently, savings accounts are not paying interest well. It happens that it is even below 0.5%. So let’s check what the interest rates offered by various banks are. Some banks also have promotional offers for their new customers.

Where to start a good savings account?

First of all, it is worth checking the offer in your bank, where you already have a normal account. Then transferring money to a savings account and from it will be very easy and fast – intra-bank transfers are booked straight away, so we do not have to wait for them for one business day, as is the case with interbank transfers.

Let’s also pay attention to the costs associated with running an account. Many savings accounts are free products, but sometimes banks charge fees. Remember to check also fees for transfers from a savings account. Most often, the first transfer within a month is free, but for subsequent transfers, we will have to pay dearly – from 5 to even 15 zlotys.

In finding suitable savings accounts, we will be able to use also on-line comparison websites and rankings. In one place they present the offers of various banks, so we can check all of them conveniently and quickly, and then go straight to the bank’s website and check the exact details there.

Savings accounts can now also be assumed entirely via the internet.