How much can we earn from the savings account?

Customers can open additional savings account for each bank account. This solution is very good if we plan to effectively save money. The question arises, however, how much can we gain from it?


Each of us is looking for a good way to save. There are many possibilities today. Some prefer to do it in the traditional way, successively putting money into the envelope, others invest in securities or bonds. There is also a large group of people who put their savings on a dedicated account for this purpose.

Such a savings account is a very good idea because you can pay any amount to it when you have excess cash. It can also be empty for a whole year. It all depends on our current financial possibilities.


How to set up a savings account?

A savings account can be set up in a very simple way. Any bank account holder can do this in his bank or through a website. Of course, you do not have to set up a savings account at your home bank. We can choose an account at another institution that suits us in every respect.

When choosing a savings account, you should be guided primarily by your own good. So let’s look for a bank that offers the best conditions in this regard. A very good solution is to compare the offers on the market with the help of the rankings of such accounts. They are available on websites. Such rankings are updated every month, which is why we are sure that we will choose the best solution for ourselves.

Rankings take into account the number of customers who opened a savings account in a given bank, as well as the conditions associated with the account. Savings accounts that are the most advantageous in terms of interest rates will, therefore, be the highest in such a ranking.


The rules of saving accounts

Savings accounts, as the name suggests, are used to save money. We can make profits out of them if we regularly deposit the sums of money into them and do not use them too often. Then the bank pays us an interest in the opportunity to use the money accumulated on our account. Of course, we also need to pay tax on profits from a given savings account.

For this reason, at the very beginning, we can be a little discouraged to save on such an account, because by paying an example amount of one hundred zlotys, after a month it may turn out that we have PLN 97 from PLN 100. after deducting the profit tax by the bank. Over time, however, depositing money on your savings account pays off and we can count on earnings. How much we earn on a given savings account depends mainly on how much money we will save on it, and on whether we will do it regularly.

Generally speaking, we will earn a few pennies a month on the savings account, but within a year we can count on an interest rate of about 3.5%, and this will give us better sums depending on the amount that will be on our savings account after this time.