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What is the INPS (exINPDAP) convention?

The INPS (exINPDAP) convention is an agreement between INPDAP and banks or finance companies that allows the pensioner to access loans at reduced rates.

Who is the INPDAP loan in Caltanissetta?

It is a form of funding that was re-born to former public and state employees who, upon their retirement, can benefit from this service. The INPDAP loan in Caltanissetta also offers additional benefits to those residing in the same city. This type of loan guarantees convenient rates and a lean and fast process. Let’s remember the feasibility throughout Italy!

What are the advantages of the INPDAP loan in Caltanissetta?

The INPDAP loan in Caltanissetta offers the following advantages:

  • No guarantor required , your pension is the only guarantee necessary
  • We will evaluate your request even in the presence of other financing or financial problems
  • Customized amounts: you can request from small amounts up to over € 60,000
  • The amount of the monthly payment can never exceed 20% of the pension
  • Possibility of repaying up to 120 months in convenient installments
  • Fixed and constant installments for the duration of the loan
  • “Life risk” insurance included in the installment, to be paid by the Bank.

How long does it take to get an INPDAP loan in Caltanissetta?

Thanks to the INPDAP convention, the loan is delivered in a very short time, eliminating unnecessary bureaucracy and guaranteeing a fast and simple procedure. We guarantee maximum transparency to the customer by periodically updating the progress of the practice.

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