Security of payments in the online store

In online stores, we can now buy almost everything – often we order books, clothes, electronic equipment, household appliances or footwear. Online shopping is fast, convenient and easy. They are also safe, but only if we follow a few simple rules.

Buying online with some of us is not associated with security. However, actually shopping online does not mean that you risk losing your money. In the vast majority of cases, buying on the internet is not subject to any risk.

Of course, this does not mean that we will not come across cheaters in the network. When we do not want to endanger ourselves, we should learn some important rules that will protect us from it.

1. Buy in proven online stores

Choosing a good online store is essential. Let’s bet on one that has a lot of positive feedback from customers. We can check them very easily online by entering the store name in the search engine. Then we’ll find out what others think about him.

When the store has a lot of negative reviews or opinions are very few or there are not at all, then we should give up the purchase and look for the item in another store. Also watch out for purchases via auction and ad portals as well as foreign stores, about which we can not find any information.

2. Choose safe payment methods

At one time in online stores, we could only pay in two ways – by transfer to the indicated account number and for downloading, that is, when collecting the package. Currently, these two methods are still available, but in addition, we have a few more.

It is worth paying attention to online payment systems. They allow for payment by bank transfer or by means of a special system – then the payment information is immediately transferred to the seller. This is a big plus because we do not have to wait for the transfer to be booked, which usually takes one business day for interbank transfers. Many payment systems also provide their users with additional protection if the seller fails to fulfill their obligations.

In addition to online payment systems, we can also pay with online payment or credit cards. The safest way to do it is when you pay via the online payment system. In the case of cards, we have additional protection based on the chargeback service. We can then claim payment by card and recover funds.

3. Do not give your payment details to strangers

When shopping online, we should also remember to not share your payment details with strangers. We do not paste photos of payment or credit cards on social networks. Do not give your strangers login details to your bank account.

Therefore, payments in the online store do not have to be dangerous. Let us remember about the three main pillars of security, namely choosing the right store for shopping, placing a safe payment method, and protecting your data.