Sports betting and the stock market

As incredible as it sounds, sports betting and the stock market share a lot in common . To begin with, both believe that the future can be predicted, and also fall into the trap of making decisions with the heart and not with the brain. And if this were not enough, in both it is forbidden to lose.

Regarding the differences, it is clear that sports betting is much more fun, but also much greater risk compared to the stock market. In the long term, investors have a better chance of making money with less risk. And is that sports betting was created for the fun of users and fans.

This means that the stock market is much more magnanimous than Las Vegas casinos, but maybe not by much. But it is also true that many people see the world of finance as a bet, to which many specialists respond that this is not the case.

The argument is based on a fundamental idea: the opportunities to make money in the stock market are much bigger, or at least more stable and constant. According to the investment advisors, in the long term the profits can reach 73%, and they affirm that no casino in the world offers this type of numbers.

But it is also a fact that bettors care little about this type of numbers, so much so that in the United States the sports betting industry moves more than $ 400 billion dollars a year. Fans love to bet on the achievements their favorite athletes can achieve. From football, through basketball, to baseball, the passion is tremendous. For example, for a bettor it may seem safe to put money to the Golden State Warriors in the NBA, they are the fashion team and they seem to be invincible. In short, that seems safer than putting money in the stock market.

Sports bets are made taking into account facts, statistics, and occasionally a hunch, but the winnings are far from being guaranteed. But as much as Golden State is unstoppable with its famous duo “The Splash Brothers”, the world of betting is more complicated than that of the stock market.

In contrast, a consolidated company is unlikely to collapse from one day to the next and lose all the money to shareholders and investors. The world of betting is all or nothing, but the reward is high and can be much more satisfying than any increase in the stock market. From this comes another similarity between sports betting and the stock market, the adrenaline runs fast and you can lose control of your emotions, a very important aspect to take care of so as not to lose sight of what is being done.

At the end of the day we can only say that these two worlds share many similarities, and a few differences as well. And the truth is that in order to win both you need to know how to play, know the rules, and never lose your mind.